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The Training Center of Justice Launches a New Project - Georgian Language Online Course

The Training Center of Justice unveiled this free course, aimed at all individuals interested in mastering Georgian and fostering its wider use.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Tornike Cheishvili, underscored the project's significance, particularly for diaspora members and ethnic minorities, during his presentation.

"At the Ministry of Justice, ensuring accessible state services is a top priority. Thus, enabling citizens to access these services without language barriers is crucial. That's why we've developed the first-ever online Georgian language course and a corresponding web platform at the Training Center of Justice. This initiative will empower citizens to learn Georgian, facilitating smoother communication when accessing services," Deputy Minister Cheishvili explained.

The Georgian language online course, spearheaded by the Training Center of Justice, received financial support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the German government. The Digital Governance Agency of the Ministry of Justice has crafted an online training platform accessible through, offering course content in English, Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Ukrainian.

Comprising 20 comprehensive lessons, the course caters specifically to non-Georgian speakers. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate. The project's beneficiaries encompass:

  • Members of Georgian diasporas worldwide
  • Ethnic minorities within Georgia
  • Asylum seekers in Georgia
  • Individuals holding refugee or humanitarian status
  • Those aspiring to attain Georgian citizenship
  • Foreign nationals with a keen interest in Georgian culture

The event was attended by the Deputy Ministers of Justice; representatives of the executive government; Representatives of UNDP, State Language Department, German Embassy in Georgia, the Training Center of Justice and other invited guests.

Minister of Justice, Rati Bregadze, Meets with Head of Armenian Parliament's Friendship Group, Ruben Rubenianjavascript: switch_lang(1);

During the meeting, Minister Rati Bregadze highlighted the pivotal role played by the Friendship Group, which operates between the parliaments of Georgia and the Republic of Armenia, in fostering robust ties between the two nations. He emphasized the regularity of thematic meetings held annually within this framework.

Bregadze further emphasized the significance of the 5th Legal Forum, noting its enhanced representation from both countries. The forum, attended by numerous legal professionals, reaffirms the enduring relevance of such platforms. Moreover, it serves as a valuable conduit for sharing best practices and fostering sectoral cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of Georgia and Armenia.

This week, the Ministry of Justice also hosted an inter-agency delegation from Armenia in Tbilisi. During the visit, Georgia shared its experiences regarding its journey towards closer ties with the European Union and ongoing dialogue concerning visa liberalization.

At the end of the meeting, Rati Bregadze wished Ruben Rubenian success in deepening the political dialogue with the European Union. The Minister expressed his readiness to share with his Armenian colleagues all the experiences and achieved results that Georgia has undergone in the process of rapprochement with the European Union.

Concluding the meeting, Minister Bregadze extended his best wishes to Ruben Rubenian for the successful deepening of political dialogue with the European Union. He expressed Georgia's readiness to collaborate with Armenian counterparts, offering to share experiences and achievements garnered throughout Georgia's EU rapprochement process.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Justice and Georgia's Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia, Giorgi Sharvashidze.


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