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Embassy of the United States of America Supports Innovative Reforms of the Ministry of Justice

One of the priorities of the Ministry of Justice is rehabilitation and re-socialization of convicts and ex-prisoners. A number of state programs have been introduced to support prisoners. Their goal is to promote rehabilitation and re-socialization and, in this way, to protect the public from recidivism.

The Embassy of the United States of America gives the highest evaluation to the innovation project - PROBBOX created by the Ministry of Justice, which has no analogues in the world. The Ministry is also working on the export of the indicated project.

In cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America, the area of access to services for probationers in Georgia has been further expanded. At this stage, 10 PROBBOX devices were installed in 10 locations across the country, increasing their total number to 27.

The Ministry of Justice will continue to increase access to innovative services for probationers in the future.

PROBBOX is the first innovative technological device in Europe that provides services and electronic control of probationers. With the help of this device, the registration and provision of services to probationers, in addition to reporting to the probation bureaus, is carried out in the public service halls and municipal buildings, thus ensuring greater anonymity of probationers and increasing the geographical area of probation coverage.

The embassy also handed over 50 electronic surveillance devices to the agency, which continuously monitors the location of convicts during the execution of house arrests, and the center for professional training and retraining of convicts received a vehicle and digital equipment as a gift for the distribution of agricultural products.

The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Justice, Buba Lomuashvili; Deputy Ambassador of the United States of America to Georgia, Alan Furcell and Director of the Bureau of Cooperation with State Anti-Narcotics and Law Enforcement Agencies of the United States of America, Sarah Rupert; As well as, Head of the National Agency for Crime Prevention, Enforcement of Non-custodial Sentences and Probation, Lado Kheladze; and Head of the Center for Vocational Training and Retraining of Convicts, Tamta Demurishvili.

Minister of Justice Meets Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe to Discuss the Progress Achieved in the Field of Human Rights Protection

Rati Bregadze and Bjorn Berge discussed today the results of reforms of the justice and penitentiary systems.

The Minister of Justice noted the progress achieved by Georgia, which is demonstrated by the statistics of cases submitted to the European Court of Human Rights from Georgia. In particular, according to the data of January 2023, the European Court received 147 applications from Georgia, which represents a historical minimum. For comparison, by 2011, Strasbourg received 3045 cases against Georgia.

Special attention was paid to the legal status of prisoners. The Minister of Justice emphasized the fact that the systemic problem of inhuman treatment and torture has been completely eliminated in Georgian prisons, which is confirmed by a number of international authoritative organizations, including the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT). It was noted that since 2012, the European Court of Human Rights has not received any lawsuits from Georgian prisons.

The parties discussed the new penitentiary code, the Digital University, projects for rehabilitation and re-socialization of prisoners, the strategy of replacing large open penitentiary institutions with small-scale prisons, etc.

The importance of the implementation of decisions made by the Strasbourg Court in interstate cases was noted, according to which the responsibility for massive human rights violations during the August 2008 war rests with the Russian Federation.

The importance of effective cooperation with the Council of Europe in the process of Georgia's integration into the European Union was emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Beka Dzamashvili also attended the meeting.


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