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Saturday, 24 September , 2022

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe Adopts Decision on So-called War Case

As the public will be informed, on January 21, 2021, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) published its decision on the case - "Georgia v. Russia (II)" (the so-called "War Case"). The decision refers to the administrative practice of massive human rights violations against the population of Georgia during the August 2008 war and subsequent occupation by Russia, which exercised effective control over the Tskhinvali region and Abkhazia.

At the meeting of the Committee of Ministers in September of this year, the Georgian side spoke about the importance of the decision and stated a clear position that despite the termination of the status of a member of the Council of Europe for the Russian Federation, the respondent state still has an unconditional obligation to strictly implement the court's decision.

It is significant that the Committee of Ministers fully supported the Georgian side and emphasized the severity and scale of the established violations. The Ministerial Committee strongly called on Russia to submit as soon as possible a comprehensive action plan to implement the decision of the Grand Chamber of January 21 and to start taking effective steps to eliminate the root cause of the violations (i.e. the continued occupation) and to prevent the recurrence of similar human rights violations.

The Committee also expressed deep concern that the Russian Federation, which exercises effective control over Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region, still does not allow the internally displaced ethnic Georgian population to return to their homes and called on Russia to implement effective measures in this direction in order to implement the decision.

At the initiative of the Georgian side, the Committee will return to the consideration of the War Case at the next session, in December 2022.

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Ministry of Justice Will Share Germany's Best Practices in Notary Activities

Minister of Justice, Rati Bregadze held a meeting today with Head of the Chamber of Notaries of the Federal Republic of Germany, Richard Bock.

Rati Bregadze and Richard Bock talked about the measures to be implemented in the direction of the development of notary law, within the framework of which joint educational events and trainings of Georgian-German notaries will be planned.

At the meeting, the Minister of Justice noted that the Chamber of Notaries of Georgia is a member of the International Union of Notaries and constantly takes care of its development. The agency responds to modern challenges and requirements, the result of which is the electronic registry of notarial acts operating in Georgia. Citizens receive remote services through electronic communication, and these methods are improving in the wake of the development of modern technological capabilities.

According to the Minister, the Ministry of Justice works intensively for the development of the capabilities of the Chamber of Notaries and the notaries themselves. One of the priority directions is the introduction of modern technologies in order to further simplify the process of notaries' activities and to raise the level of their service provision. In this regard, the issue of improving online and remote performance of notarial actions is particularly relevant.

While talking to Richard Bock, Rati Bregadze was interested in the issue of digitalization and preparation of electronic legal transactions.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Justice told the Head of the Chamber of Notaries of the Federal Republic of Germany that he plans to share the best practices of German notaries and legal specialists in this matter.