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Ministry of Justice and the Georgian Business Association Hold a Meeting to Discuss the New law On Entrepreneurs

Practical aspects of the new law on Entrepreneurs and the obligation to re-register enterprises within 2 years according to this law - were the issues of discussion by the Ministry of Justice and the Georgian Business Association.

The meeting was attended by First Deputy Minister of Justice, Tamar Tkeshelashvili and Chair of the National Public Registry Agency, David Devidze, who together with the entrepreneurs discussed in detail the news related to the registration in the National Public Registry Agency based on the new law on Entrepreneurs and other business-related issues under the competence of the Ministry of Justice.

The new law on Entrepreneurs reflects EU directives and many issues are regulated in a new way. In the direction of registration of entrepreneurial issues in the public registry, a uniform practice adapted to these new norms is being formed. The state is doing everything to support business in the proper implementation of the norms of the new law.

The National Public Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice has introduced new legally defined services for business entities; Standard charters of business societies have been developed and approved, which are available to interested parties and simplify the registration process; A unified electronic portal has been created, where decisions on registration and registration documents are published,” - said Tamar Tkeshelashvili.

Together with the Chair of the Public Registry, she also spoke about the necessity of re-registration of enterprises within 2 years.

"We introduced statistics to entrepreneurs and asked them to be more active in order to carry out re-registration on time. The National Public Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice, on the other hand, has full readiness both in terms of software and human resources, to fulfill the obligation imposed on it by law and to support businesses in the implementation of registration actions", added the First Deputy Minister.

At the end of the meeting, it was noted that the Ministry of Justice is also ready, within the scope of its competence, to communicate in the future with business representatives in the direction of registration on matters important to them.


Justice Ministry Holds First National Simulation Training on Trafficking in Human Beings

The closing event of the first national simulation training on trafficking in human beings was held today.

The training entitled - Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings: Sustainability of Inter-agency Cooperation through Implementation of National Simulation Training - is conducted in Georgia under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, with the financial support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia. The national simulation training was aimed at increasing the practical skills of about 40 investigators, prosecutors, labor inspectors, psychologists, social workers and staff dealing with victims working on the crime of trafficking through inter-agency cooperation and a victim-oriented approach, which in turn will contribute to the timely detection of crimes, the punishment of criminals and effective integration of victims into society.

Georgia is one of the first states where simulation training was held at the national level. This indicates the fight against this crime as one of the priority directions of the Georgian government.

It should be noted that Georgia occupies one of the leading positions in the world in the fight against trafficking in human beings. This is evidenced by the latest 2022 report of the US State Department, according to which Georgia, along with a number of European countries, maintains its place at the highest level of assessment, in the so-called the first tier. It should also be emphasized that, like the previous years, only Georgia among the states of the Eastern Partnership remained on the highest level of the rating scale.

The national simulation training was carried out within the framework of the Interagency Coordination Council for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings in close cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, the Investigative Service of the Ministry of Finance, the Labor Inspection Service, the State Agency for Care and Assistance of Victims of Trafficking and non-governmental organizations in Georgia.

The national simulation training started on November 7 and ended today.


Georgia Is Getting Acquainted with the Experience of Training Modules of the Austrian Penitentiary System

Minister of Justice, Rati Bregadze met today with Head of the Training Department of the Austrian Penitentiary Service, Oberst Martin Hoffmann, within the framework of his official visit to Austria. At the meeting, the Minister noted that providing a strong, safe and human rights-based environment is a priority for the agency. According to him, within the framework of the reform of the penitentiary and probation systems, corrections are made considering the best international practice. In this regard, the sharing of European experience is of particular importance.

Rati Bregadze also discussed training modules with Oberst Martin Hoffman. The Minister of Justice expressed interest in the Austrian experience of educational trainings in the direction of training of social workers, psychologists, and medical personnel. The Minister of Justice stated at the meeting that the agency invests significant resources in improving the professional skills of its employees, which are being implemented with the Training Center of Justice.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Justice expressed his hope that cooperation between Georgia and Austria will become even more intensive, which acquires special importance in the light of the country's European aspirations and perspective.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Ministers of Justice, Buba Lomuashvili and Tornike Cheishvili, Head of the Special Penitentiary Service, Nika Tshvarashvili and Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Austria, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili.