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Ministries of Justice of Georgia and Israel Share their Experience with Each Other within the Framework of the Professional Seminar

The professional seminar is the result of successful sectoral cooperation between the two countries, which has become more intensive in recent years. The close partnership of the Ministries of Justice of Israel and Georgia is defined by a memorandum of mutual cooperation and a joint declaration, which were signed by the Ministers of Justice of Georgia and Israel in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Among other activities, the Memorandum and Declaration, also envisions the sharing of knowledge and experience between agencies in the format of a professional seminar.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Beka Dzamashvili opened the event today. "I am sure that the seminar will be the best platform for exchanging experience and deepening partnership between the parties," he said.

Representatives of the Ministries of Justice of Georgia and Israel will hold a discussion on issues such as: electronic governance and digitalization of legal documents; digital governance policy; land and business registration procedures; electronic notary services; criminal law reform; juvenile justice; non-custodial sentences, diversion and mediation; Re-socialization and rehabilitation of ex-prisoners and probationers and others.

Participants of the event are: the Services Development Agency; the Chamber of Notaries; the Digital Governance Agency; the National Public Registry Agency; the National Agency for the Execution of Non-custodial Sentences, the Crime Prevention and Probation Center; As well as, representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Supreme Court.