Wednesday, 07 September, 2022

Ministries of Justice of Georgia and German Federation Sign Germany-Georgia Cooperation Program for 2022-2025

The program envisions activities to be implemented in the direction of legal cooperation in civil cases and in the field of penitentiary and probation systems. The document was signed by Minister of Justice, Rati Bregadze and Federal Minister of Justice of Germany, Marko Bushman.

According to the cooperation program, there will be a sharing of sectoral experience on the issues of children's rights, juvenile justice, management and arrangement of the modern penitentiary and probation systems. In addition, Georgia will share the German experience regarding the rehabilitation and re-socialization, education and employment programs for convicts.

After signing the memorandum, Rati Bregadze thanked his German colleague. He expressed hope that the existing legal cooperation between Georgia and Germany will be further deepened and at the same time it will facilitate the process of Georgia's integration into the European Union.

Marko Bushman said that Georgia and Germany are connected by a long friendship. Germany shares the freedom of democracy and the value of the rule of law. The Minister of Justice of Germany noted that he is glad that the cooperation has reached a higher level and the joint cooperation program has been signed.

"The Federal Republic of Germany is ready to help Georgia to gain a place in the European Union. We are impressed by the ambitions and desires related to Georgia's EU membership," said Marko Bushman.

The meeting was attended by First Deputy Minister of Justice, Tamar Tkeshelashvili, Deputies, Beka Dzamashvili and Buba Lomuashvili, and the Georgian Ambassador to Germany.

Georgia Will Cooperate with the Chamber of Notaries of the German Federation in the Development of Notarial Law and the Improvement of the Legal Framework.

During the meeting with President of the Chamber of Notaries of the German Federation, Jens Bormann, Rati Bregadze spoke about the achievements of Georgia in the development of notarial law.

The Minister noted that an electronic register of notarial acts is operating in Georgia and citizens have the opportunity to receive all services remotely through electronic communication. The Minister also spoke about the fact that in Georgia, notary services are available in 12 districts across the country, which significantly saves the population's time and money.

Development of notarial law, technologies for preparing electronic legal transactions, means of preventing forgery of documents, implementation of joint professional training modules - these are the issues that the parties discussed at the meeting. After the meeting with Jens Bormann, Rati Bregadze said that Georgia will continue active cooperation with Germany.

First Deputy Minister of Justice, Tamar Tkeshelashvili, deputies, Beka Dzamashvili, Buba Lomuashvili and Ambassador of Georgia to Germany, Levan Izoria attended the meeting together with the Minister.

Delegation of Ministry of Justice Visits Heidering Penitentiary Facility

Minister of Justice, Rati Bregadze along with his deputies and the Georgian Ambassador to Germany visited the Heidering Penitentiary facility. The delegation was introduced to the German model of management of the penitentiary system, programs of rehabilitation and re-socialization, education of convicts, sports and employment.

The parties shared their experience and existing knowledge in the direction of proper functioning of penitentiary services. Rati Bregadze spoke about the projects of the Ministry of Justice.

At the meeting, the concept of "digital university" was discussed in detail, which the German side was interested in. Through this project, convicts have the opportunity to participate remotely in the process of learning in higher education institutions in an online format. In the future, Georgia will cooperate with Germany in terms of sharing experience regarding the "digital university".

Within the framework of the visit, Rati Bregadze spoke about the innovative technological device PROBBOX created for probationers. This technological device integrates all the services for which the probationers had to go to the probation offices until now. Neighboring countries have already shown interest in these projects of the Ministry of Justice, and Georgia is ready to share this experience with them.

The development of the penitentiary and crime prevention system is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Justice. The agency has specified specific measures in its 10-year development plan. Among them, new, Construction of small-scale family-type penitentiary areas, increasing the access of convicts to education, promotion of activities outside the convict cell, for which various important projects are implemented. The Ministry of Justice promotes the employment of prisoners and the acquisition of skills necessary for the future profession.

Rati Bregadze Holds a Meeting at Humboldt University as Part of His Official Visit to Germany

During the meeting with the Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty of Humboldt University, Martin Heger, the Minister of Justice stated that for him, as for a graduate of the German Academy, the process of rapprochement of the Georgian-German academies is particularly important. Here he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity for Georgian students to study in Germany.

Rati Bregadze spoke about the fact that a law informatics course will be created on the basis of the Training Center of Justice. In Georgia, this direction of law is not taught at law faculties. During the meeting with the Minister of Justice, Martin Heger said that it would be interesting to involve the Humboldt University in this regard, as well as to share the German experience in the field of criminology.

Rati Bregadze also spoke about the strategic approach of the Ministry of Justice that in its daily activities, justice and rule of law projects are based on evidence, science, analytics and human rights-based approaches. To support this approach, the bilingual legal magazine Iustitia was founded in 2021, where scientific works are published; A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Georgian Academy of Sciences; The scientific-advisory council under the Ministry of Justice was founded.

The Ministry of Justice signed memoranda with local universities. The students of the mentioned university will have the opportunity to practice in the Ministry of Justice, which in turn contributes to the attraction and development of intellectual resources.

First Deputy Minister of Justice, Tamar Tkeshelashvili and Deputies, Buba Lomuashvili and Beka Dzamashvili, and Ambassador of Georgia to Germany, Levan Izoria also attended the meeting held at Humboldt University.

Rati Bregadze Discusses Future Cooperation in the Law-making Process with the Legal Committee of the German Bundestag

Within the framework of his official visit to Germany, the Minister of Justice met today with Chairperson of the Legal Committee of the German Bundestag, Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker. First Deputy Minister, Tamar Tkeshelashvili, Deputies, Buba Lomuashvili and Beka Dzamashvili, and Georgian ambassador to Germany, Levan Izoria also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the minister said that for him, as for the head of the department of law-making activities, the directions of cooperation with the Legal Committee of the Bundestag and the Federal Ministry of Justice of Germany are particularly interesting.

During the meeting, the members of the delegation of the Ministry of Justice also noted that the modern Georgian legal space was formed under the influence of the values established in Germany. Accordingly, the legal institutions regulated by the legislation of Georgia and their components are clearly similar to the German legal system. According to the Minister of Justice, a great contribution to the creation of the legislation of independent Georgia was made by Georgian scientists, who at one time attended the German school of law and used the experience gained in the preparation of the legislative framework.

The Minister of Justice spoke about the fact that in Georgia, as in all other countries, the Ministry of Justice ensures, on the one hand, law-making activities, and on the other hand, the harmonization of Georgian legislation with international legal norms.

As the Chairperson of the Legal Committee of the German Bundestag noted, such important issues as: legal policy, legal state and democracy were discussed at the meeting. "We have a very high interest in Georgia. At the meeting, we got acquainted with the different directions of the activities of the Ministry of Justice, including digital services. We shared our experiences with each other and I think we will continue to do so with pleasure in the future," said Elizabeth Winkelmeier-Becker.

At the end of the meeting held in the Bundestag, Rati Bregadze noted that it is interesting for him to share German experience and learn about research activities. According to the Minister, the agency is working on a new prison code, and it will be important to get acquainted with the German practice on this issue in the format of cooperation.


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