Thursday, 28 September, 2023

The Chamber of Notaries Announces the Internship Competition

According to the order of the Chairperson of the Board of the Georgian Chamber of Notaries dated September 27, 2023 N230/s, the internship competition was announced. The competition will be held at the Training Center of Justice from November 1 to November 15, 2023, in the form of testing, in two stages.

Stage I - General Skills, November 1, 2023.

stage II - professional part, November 15, 2023.

In order to participate in the competition, a person wishing to undergo an internship must submit the following documents electronically:

  1. a copy of the document confirming higher legal education; Note: the applicant, who has received a higher legal education abroad, must submit the relevant document on the recognition of education issued by the National Center for the Development of the Quality of Education.
  2. Application in accordance with the attached form (Appendix No. 1a);
  3. copy of identity document;
  4. d) two photographs (size 3X4).

Before completing the registration, the Training Center of Justice checks the compliance of the documents submitted by the applicant with the requirements established by law. If the documents are submitted by the applicant in an incomplete form, he or she has the right to correct the defect before the registration is completed. The registration period expires in 5 days before the competition. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

In order to participate in the competition, a person wishing to undergo an internship must submit the specified documents in electronic form to the following address: or to the Secretariat of the Training Center of Justice Commission, address: st. Tbilisi, Anna Politkovskaya st. N1.

Documents will be accepted from September 28 to October 26, 2023, at the following email address:

Contact persons:

Ketevan Zviadadze, e-mail:

Contact phone (+995 32) 294 22 65

Maggie Odishelidze, e-mail:

Contact phone (+995 32) 238 22 59

Requirements for a person wishing to undergo an internship

In accordance with Article 3 of the Order N450 of the Minister of Justice of October 23, 2019 "On the Regulations on the Rules and Conditions for Conducting the Internship Competition and Approving the Rules of Internship in the Chamber of Notaries of Georgia”;

Exam form and stages

First stage - general skills - 100 questions, 2 hours.

Second stage - testing in the professional part, 100 questions, 3 hours.

The exam consists of 100 test questions with 4 possible answers, only one of which is correct. A correct answer is valued at 1 point.

A candidate who gets 70 or more points in the general skills test has the right to participate in the professional part test, and to get a positive assessment in the professional part test, the candidate must score at least 75 points.

The winner of the competition is considered to be a person who successfully passes both stages of the test and accumulates a certain point in each stage.

Application form;

Order N450 of October 23, 2019 of the Minister of Justice of Georgia "Regarding the approval of the regulation on the rules and conditions of holding the internship competition and the rules of internship in the Chamber of Notaries of Georgia”.

Examination program of the internship competition.

Thursday, 07 September, 2023

Strasbourg Court Considers Nicanor Melia's Arrest and Detention as a Preventive Measure to Be Legal

With today's decision, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) confirmed that Nicanor Melia's arrest and preventive detention were legal and in full compliance with the standards of the European Convention. At the same time, the court unequivocally established that there were no political motives in Nikanor Melia's arrest and did not share the arguments of the applicant.

As is known to the public, during the June 2019 rally, a part of the citizens gathered at the rally under the leadership and direct participation of Nicanor Melia tried to break into the Parliament. In view of the above, he was charged with organising, directing and participating in group violence and was granted bail in the amount of 30,000 GEL as a preventive measure. The court ordered his electronic surveillance.

At the rally on November 1, 2020, Nicanor Melia removed his electronic monitoring bracelet as a sign of protest, thereby violating the conditions of his bail. Accordingly, the Tbilisi City Court increased the bail amount by 40,000 GEL. Since Nikanor Melia refused to pay the bail, according to the court's decision, he was replaced with a preventive measure - bail by imprisonment. After posting bail, he was released on May 10, 2021.

The European Court fully shared the argumentation of the Ministry of Justice (along with the evidence presented) and considered that no article of the European Convention was violated against the applicant.


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